Pluto Productions is an award winning team of creative individuals whose 360 degree perspective offers on the pulse, vibrant hi-definition video content. Our team has the knowledge and the expertise to think outside the box and come up with ideas that are unique and distinctive. Our collective experience and technical training provide expertise in the areas of Corporate, Web, Live Events, Music Clips, TV, Short Films and more. Our team has a constant drive to learn more and the interaction with our clients helps us in understanding their needs and wants in a better way, therefore equipping us with a lot of customer experience. David Barbato is the Creative Director of Pluto Productions, whose experience is spread on a wide spectrum of fields. He has worked with many High Profile clients and has offered insight to take the projects to an efficacious level of accomplishment. David’s down to earth, hands on approach will harness your ideas and transform them into high end media products. At the end of the day, the most important task we want to achieve is to satisfy our clients to the maximum. Our motto is to provide high quality services and to never disappoint our clientele.

Our videography services in Sydney are one of a kind and unique in totality. We always aim to capture things beyond ordinary. Our services are spread to almost every genre in the production industry and we capture events of all categories and kinds. Pluto Productions have Co-produced TV programs such as ‘The Darren Sanders Show’ and ‘Yianni’s City Life’ and our short films have screened at some world-renowned films festivals. We as a team believe in hard work and team efforts in bringing out our clients’ events and thoughts through film and media production. Our experience coupled with a long-term vision of being the best production house, we aim to make our services unmatched in the industry.

Our clients include: